Lagenthal 2001
For such an enthusiast of Euro Jamborees like me, two years of lack are too much! In 1999 I could go to Germany for a broken arm, and in England 2000 for a better cause: the birth of my son. This year however the call of Europe was really high and also the need of a good trip on the scooter let me take the decision of leaving for some days my family, also because the place were the event was held was not very distant and in a nice Country.   
As usual I keep in touch with my friends in the Lambretta Club Emilia Romagna and the trip is perfectly organised.    
So I leave early in the morning heading to Bologna in a warm day that seems to be of nice weather with my electronic GP 200 for the first time, instead of the ultra reliable SX 200 I've used to go to Holland and Ireland. In Bologna we are not much doing the trip together, as a number of other entrants leaved the day before. The travel has been very nice and the only problem has been with Cesare's Li 150 with worn points not far from Lagenthal.    
As soon as we arrive, though it's friday morning, a good number of entrants are already there, placed in a site near a fireman barrack, as usual arrived from all over Europe. A friend from Holland tells me that the day before he has seen the arrival of the 24 D and LD's of the "Full bore tour" that did the trip from England; he's been really impressed because the all wear a smart red jacket with the logo on the back. I would have seen them.   
Friday evening it starts raining; an inconvenient rain that will last all the week end long. This forced us to move under the pavilion for the inevitable L.C. pasta all together, which is a good occasion to invite friends for a good chat drinking good wine.   
On Saturday most of us don't leave for the scooter cruise as it's still raining so we meet in the market and concourse d'elegance pavillion. The evening the gale dinner starts not well for us as the organizers have placed the Italians in distant tables, with someone disappointed with it for their own embarassment; anyway the evening is continued quietly, with the only extra of two fellows who are entered into the pavillion on their scooters, completely naked only wearing their helmets for the general hilarity; During the night it's been impossible for me to sleep, as someone pissed was doing a terrible noise, but also this is part of the game.   
So next morning me and others leaved at 9 o'clock as was necessar for us to reach home for the evening. A nice and fast trip and in the late afternoon I did the 620 km. which separate me from home.   
Next year Holland again: I've many friends to visit there!
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 The site
Another seing
Part of the friend of the L.C. Emilia Romagna (I'm the first left)
A perfect A.F. replica
English first series
Other nice English Lambrettas
This is the logo of the English mates that did the trip riding only D's and LD's
The owner of this D 150 wants to finish it in a racing style, but didn't want to paint it red as there are too much around. 
He seems to be right!
It's the first time I see English people interested so much in old models, and with such an enthusiasm
Most of them were LD's
Really smart were their jackets with the logo on the back
This seemed to be just taken from a dungeon but I liked it very much 
During the trip
photo courtesy of
Alan Stockley
During the trip
photo courtesy of
Alan Stockley
During the trip
photo courtesy of
Alan Stockley
The start of the Saturday's cruise, under the rain
 As can be seen from the clothes 
 In England they still love custom scooters...
 ...and still realize them very nice
However this French SX 150 was very nice
 A nice Italian sidecar
And another even better that belongs to Giancarlo
Tino's "Imola" demonstrator I took a ride on
The concourse d'elegance
Titan's fight: Giancarlo and Gian Pietro
Classical photo for Antonio and Franco
Marcello doing some minor repairs
Antonio on Gothard Pass