1968 SX 150 Apple Green
It took me a very long time but I have been patient and in the end I got what I was looking for. The Lambretta SX 150 apple green, apart from being a weird and rare scooter, is in my eyes one of the best looking ones. With this particular colour I would have never accepted to have a restored one in my collection and a nice day I've found for sale this splendid conserved example with only 6600 kms on the clock. As I always do once I've taken possession of it I have stripped the engine to give it some overhaul and see the general condition. Must say that being this a conserved Lambretta the intention was to change the minimal possible from original and in the end the minimal worn parts that needed replacement were only the clutch plates and springs, points and condensor. All the rest was mint, down to the brake pads almost new. 
For the rest, new cables, new tyres (always!!!) and the scooter runs like a dream.