1966 SX 200 and Watsonian sidecar
Not much to start with but a frame is the base for a Lambretta. I bought the bike last year it was in a real sorry state, legshields were rot as it was left abandoned in the shed. Fortunately I had a spare mint set of legshields and to my surprise the engine still had its first piston, size 66.0 Borgo. Oh it hardly came off of course, but all the rest of the engine was in very good condition, and had probably done not much kms in its life. So I stripped it all and Dean offered me one of his original Watsonian sidecars, as he saw my son who is 3 and 1/2 years enjoyed very much going in his Lambretta combination with his daughter. What a pair of terrors! Anyway after having a go on his bike I decided to go with it as it's a riding really different and I like it very much. The frame is shown in his shop, because had to be slightly modified in the brake pedal area to host the sidecar arm. 
At the moment I'm writing, the whole bike has been to be sandblasted, and within a week or two will be sprayed, while the engine case has been acid dipped and I'm actually rebuilding it using the standard barrell bored out to 66.6 with a NOS Borgo piston, GP crankshaft, old type Ducati AF 12v electronic ignition and original electronic flywheel, LI 150 gearing. The sidecar itself needed a bit of fiberglass repair, though it is in general good condition.
Update 28/01/04
After a lot of sand papering I had to carry out myself if I wanted the scoot painted in a short time, here Iìve started putting back together the parts. These are the first pics  but I'm working hard to get the bike done as soon as possible. The front fork links are from a TV1; as they have a slightly bigger angle they are needed to face the heavier charge made by the sidecar and as can be seen by the pics the transmission/clutch assembly is not mounted yet, because I am waiting for a A.F. clutch bell to mount together with Taffspeed uprated springs, in order to not changing the plates every now and then. 
Update 03/02/04
Here new pics after another day of work. I am trying to take my time in order to have the scooter properly done. As usual you have to not rush but you can't stand having it done. 
 Update 21/04/04
Here is nearly the final stage of the bike, although these pictures are already old because actually the bike is finished and I am doing the run in without sidecar at the moment.
 Update 11/02/05
Have realized there is not a picture of the nearly finished bike (some improvements still to be done) but here's how il actually looks like