Lambretta 150 D Type
Owner:  Darrell Milnes 

Town/Country : Sturminster Marshall, Dorset, U.K. 

Scooter Club: Ex-Modrapheniacs. No club at present. 

Scooter Model: 1953 Lambretta D 150 (very early model) 

Inspiration: Visiting Italy on many occasions and seeing the Guys flying around on beautiful Model Ds 

Engine: Standard D 150 

Extras: Accessory Speedo, Fork Boot Covers, Rear Pillion Footrests, Horn Cover, Legshield Trim, Front mudguard embellisher, Legshield Mirror, Floor Mat, Imola Lambretta Club banner on spare wheel, 1953 and 1954 Lambretta Club badges (original) 

Top/Cruising speed: 55mph and 40 mph 

Hardest Part: Finding accessories (still looking for a set of front crash-bars, and an original fuel tap !!) 

Anything to say: Big thank you to Guido in Ferrara for the great paint job, Howard Chambers for sourcing some of the parts, Vittorio for help and advice, and my Wife for putting up with my EBay spending !! 

Other Scooters: GP240 TS1 Babe Ruth Custom, GP 200 Electronic (unrestored and beautiful), Model F 125, Vega 75, GP 250 Cut-Down (80's style chrome and microflake), SX 250 AF Bultaco (original AF Bultaco Engine, possibly the only one left in the World), LI 125 (used as parts donor), TV 175 Series 1.