Lambretta GP 200 Monza
Owner:  Ian Mc Farland 

Town/Country : U.K. 

Scooter Model: Lambretta GP 150 

Inspiration: 1966 movie Grand Prix starring James Garner 

All the work was done by myself except for the paint. The engine was built using new casings which had the transfers matched to the cylinder. I used an Italian GP200 gearbox with standard sprockets, a GP race crank and the new Varitronic electronic ignition.The cylinder is one a Monza 200 kit. I couldn't use a TS1 on this scoot, it had to be a MONZA!! It uses a 30mm PHBH carb and a scootRS expansion pipe. I have a hydraulic disc brake on the front. 
The paint scheme is based on James Garner's helmet (front mudguard). In the movie James Garner's character was based on the driver Chris Amon (Ferrari, March, Matra) who wore the same painted helmet. At the Isle of Wight scooter rally 2004, I entered the scooter in the custom show and I had a helmet sprayed to match along with other movie memoribilia. 
I have been interested in Formula 1 since I saw the movie Grand Prix when | was young. Two years ago I saw the movie again and decided to build a custom GP around the theme. All the decals are from a photo pack given to the cinemas for advertising, at the time of the movie's release. The 5 main photos show Monaco, Brand's Hatch, Monza, Spa and Zandvoort. The 2 decals on the mudguard are of Ferrari and BRM and I have 2 more (Yamura and Lotus) which are going on the back of the side panels. I am also adding a Rimini Lambretta fiberglass petrol taken with racing decals in the near future.  
I have contacted a friend who works at Monza who says I can take it onto the circuit next summer for photos and even onto the sopraelevata. I was in Milan in January of this year and we went to both the Innocenti factory and also Monza and walked around the bankings ! What a day- perfect!! 
I also have 2 other Lambrettas, an SX200 and a Li150 series 2. My wife has a Vespa Primavera 125.