Lambretta GT 200
Name of owner ; Richard Miller 
Scooter Model ; Lambretta GT / TV 200 

Town ; Birmingham 
Details ; Mark Broadhurst stage 5 Honda 205cc conversion with Yamaha con-rod conversion, 30mm Dellorto carb with Ram-air filter and 42mm AF clubman exhaust. I have now been running this engine for 14 years with no problems. I recently had it set up on a dyno and it retuned 18bhp and 82mph. 
The scooter has various period accessories including the original "bubble flyscreen", Nanucci seat, candy legshield beading and Ken Cobbing grips and mudflap also a few extra bits that I have purchase from Dean including the mirrors and disc brake air-scoop. 
Paintwork ; done via Des @ Gran Sport and is a mixture of candy and pearl finishes which looks fantastic in the sunshine.