Lambretta SX150 racer


Owner: Massimiliano Sapienza  

Town / Country:  Catania, Sicily   

Scooter model: Lambretta SX150 - 1966   

Scooter Club: Sinners - Catania 

Meeting place: Pub ‘Route69’ Catania e 

180 cc TOP END ‘stage 4’ 
Dynamin 62.8 mm piston on origina barrell, tuned with enlarged and polished inlet and exhaust ports, skimmed head. 
Standard crankshaft and conrod, original points ignition on 6v wiring, LI 150 S3 gearing, reinforced clutch springs,  16 teeths front sprocket, clubman 42mm AF rayspeed exhaust, Dell’orto phbh28 carb solid mounted on CDC manifold. 
Acid dipped engine case, mag flange and engine case cover. 

Venus green (nitro ‘extra lucido’ cod lechler 8039) done by ‘Plebiscito’ of Concetto Platania 

Specialized parts: 
Smiths chronometric speedo on modified headset. 
Competition mechanical VEGLIA BORLETTI rev counter mounted on anti-vibrations mount, with case mounted drive on the crankshaft. 
Indix fuel indicator and chromed fuel tap door with lock. 
Seat slopeback ANCILLOTTI. 
Inline spare wheel carrier and modified toolbox door to match. 
ULMA 50s spare wheel covers. 
Small ball end levers. 
Stickers - Wal Phillips - Fuel Injected, Ancillotti - Elaborazioni Lambretta, Wildcat, NGK - Spark Plugs, Carburatori Dell’orto.  

Anything to add: 
When run in will be finished I will mount a Wal Phillips injector of  his proper manifold. 
Ah... must find the reset nut for the speedo 

Maximum speed / cruising:  
Non important / Still running in.   

Most difficult part: Waiting the acid dipped casing to come back. 

Inspiration for the project: 

Time to build it:  
4 months 

Who did the work:  
Maurizio Coco  

Thanks to:  
 A very big thank to my mate Maurizio Coco for his big big patience and for following me in any new project. 
The scooterdepoca forum through which a lot of worries and problems during the restoration have been solved. 
Paolo Catani and his website, without them this project would have never seen the light.  

Any other scooters you own?: 
Lambretta SX200 - lambretta DL 125 - Vespa GS150 (vs5) – vespa 125 ‘54 (vm2t) - Lambretta 125 LD53 – Lambretta LI 150 serie 3 – Lambretta LD 150 ’57 – Lambretta LI 150 serie 2