I have collected a lot of stuff over the years, some of which I will never use. See here if there is something of interest for you

Updated 22 July  2013

Aluminium Ancillotti seat exactly remade as per original I have found on this scooter. You can see one fitted in the picture below, but get in touch if you want to see better pics.


I have also for sale:

- New old Stock Lambretta DL/GP bottom handlebar

Price euro 280,00 / GBP 230,00



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A pair of NOS Jamex reversing lights, brand new still in their boxes. Excellent on any Mod scooter but would look ace on a retro race scooter as well. 

Price euro 100 / GBP 90


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 An original 60 Lambretta branded mirror, absolutely smashing, very hard part to come by.  

Price euro 100 / GBP 90


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An original 60s High compression racing head for Lambretta 150, can be easily be machined to use on a 175. An absolutely unique bit of kit! 

Price euro 300 / GBP 260



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